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In Service Training at Your Facility

Getting Retroactive Medi-Cal

In-Service training sessions are offered by Attorney Carlos Arcos and include up-to-date information about getting retroactive Medi-Cal as well as information regarding eligibility obstacles and solutions.

In Service programs are interactive,
interesting, and designed exclusively for


Social Services
Billing Offices
Business Offices

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Common questions answered at In Service
training sessions include the following:
  • What are the FOUR methods to obtain Retroactive Medi-Cal coverage?
  • How can we be paid retroactively for 10 months rather than 3 months?
  • How do we use the Medi-Cal "unavailability rules" to obtain coverage when there is no access to bank funds?
  • What are the Hunt v. Kizer and Principe v. Belshe rulings, and how can these be used to help a patient qualify for retroactive Medi-Cal?